The Beauty Of Zero Waste- Vintage Tech

Crafted from natural materials with care taken over form as well as function, vintage technology has a soul which is lovely to behold. Add to this the tendency for vintage items to come without packaging and the fact that they are often easily repaired and it becomes easy to see why vintage is becoming the choice of those pursuing a more sustainable lifestyle.


From an environmental standpoint, so much of the new technology we consume is complex, often hard to repair and, at the end of it’s life difficult to disassemble to reclaim its valuable materials. In addition to their great environmental credentials, vintage objects have a tactile beauty and charm lacking in many new consumables.

Listening to music in analogue on our gramophone requires more attention and slows the pace at which we hear our music. We are not on our own, recent rocketing sales of vinyl records attest to a love of the imperfection of the sound produced by older machines. Objects from the past are lovely to behold, as well as serving a purpose in our home.

IMGP2839 (2)


A lovely 1940’s dressing table in oak provides great storage for clothes.


A truly long-lasting scale, with a variety of uses- including weighing luggage.


CC’s work bag- the initials of the previous owner ( a certain and unknown T.S.) add to it’s charm and character.


The vintage tiles on our fireplace from a period when the humble dandelion was considered worthy of an artistic flourish.



A storage place for children’s clothes, lovely in its hand carvings and patina attesting its age.

Unlike many of their modern-day counterparts, these objects become more lovely with age and are more likely to maintain their value. Inevitable knocks and scuffs seem to add to their character, whilst their newer equivalents quickly loose their gloss and pristine finish.

Current economic models value growth at any cost and our models of production are linear, meaning that companies produce as many goods as possible. We need to move to a post-growth economy, moving beyond the idea of infinite production and consumption. We live on a finite planet with finite resources, let us value those items which are already in circulation and avoid creating the demand for more.

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