Zero Waste Recipes

 Lavender Scented Bath Salts

(Recipe taken from The Art Of Handmade Living by Willow Crossley)

This recipe will make two medium sized Kilner jars full. They make a really lovely gift and I often make a batch for myself, the lavender aroma and salts are very soothing on sensitive skin.


Two cups of Epsom Salts

One Cup of coarse sea salt

1/2 cup of baking soda

50 drops of lavender essential oil

several sprigs of dried lavender ( you can dry you own really easily)

– Mix the Epsom salts and sea salt together with the baking soda

– Add the lavender oil stirring as you add.

– Add the dried lavender

– Put in a pretty jar and label with a gift tag

– Add a ribbon and wooden scoop ( or an antique silver spoon also looks beautiful)

April 2014 002

April 2014 006




Zero Waste Washing Up
Zero Waste Washing Up


Hand Knitted Dishcloths

My mother-in-law made one of these for me, they do a fantastic job. I’ve also given them as gifts. We also get our wooden brushes from a German company ( fantastically German website!) called Redecker.

Knitting Pattern For A Hand Knitted Dishcloth


1 ball of craft cotton or bamboo

1 pair of size 5 or 6 knitting needles

Cast On 40 sts

Knit 50-56 rows

Cast Off 40 sts

Simplicity !

Marzipan Fruits

This makes a lovely gift for a foodie, arrange your fruits in a glass jar or beautiful box tied with a ribbon. You could either buy your marzipan or make from scratch.

Christmas 2013 050



Food Colouring

– Pinch a small piece of marzipan and roll between your hands to form a ball.

– Form your dough into the desired shape ( pear, apple banana etc.)

– Using a small paintbrush, dip your brush into a tiny quantity of food colouring and paint directly onto your ‘fruit’ (it’s particularly effective if you smudge two colours)

– Smudge the colour with your fingers or a small cloth.

– Leave in the fridge until you are ready to give them.

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