Renovations and A Holiday

We’re going backwards a little here, trying to document what happened earlier in the year. Being pregnant and working full time , blogging wasn’t my first priority ! We had a fabulous trip to Cornwall, visiting the Eden Project again and, having been Poldark fans, we visited several locations, including historic Charlestown and Wheal Lesisure, the tin mine. The walk along the coast was truly stunning, this stretch of coast line is managed by The National Trust and is truly pristine. IMGP0340 IMGP0346 IMGP0277 IMGP0286 IMGP0288 From September 2014 until now we have been renovating our kitchen, utility, garden and flooring in our downstairs. Doing without a kitchen for a month was certainly a challenge, but we enjoyed the new kitchen all the more for it. IMGP0125 IMGP0356 We found a neighbour who wanted a garage, who was a builder and who lives just at the back of our house, so we were able to recycle it- great ! Unfortunately the previous owners of our house had not been very responsible and had buried a previous asbestos roof beneath the garage foundations, poor CC had to remove it safely, although our local council,Wyre, were absolutely fantastic, offering advice and giving us the materials for removal. Underneath the foundations we found….another set of foundations. Thankfully we found a local farmer who needed hardcore for the foundations of a barn and he was happy to come and bring us a trailer, CC filled several large loads. On a lighter note, my brother helped us to put together the new rabbit accommodation – very smart ! IMGP0361 CC also built me four new raised beds for my vegetables and I have enjoyed planting them with a huge variety I could not have dreamed of with our previous little vegetable bed of 1 metre by 1 and a half metres. The kale and broad beans ( sown with organic seeds from the Eden project) have been particularly successful this year.

IMG_0016 IMGP0372

The garden is still very much a work in progress, my father helped build the lawn with CC and his advice has been invaluable. We are now looking for a suitable, sustainable stone material to edge the beds and lawn.

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