Making Space for play

We have let go of so many things over the last few weeks- old craft projects which were sitting unfinished in cupboards, the overwhelming amount of children’s craft materials, composters and wormeries which have sat unloved and under-used, gardening equipment for a vegetable garden I no longer have and a lot of vintage furniture which was no longer used. Letting go of these things have led to a energy for creating more play at home, more craft than we’ve done in months and the energy to create a fresh new bedroom for the adults in the house.

Letting go mentally of the hidden ‘to do’ list of gardening, art and cooking has, conversely, led to far more of these activities happening in our house.

I’m happy to say that not a single item has been wasted, simply passed on to somebody who wanted it more than us !

  1. New playspaces in the garden made using the timber from our remodelled shed.

A new, larger mud kitchen made from the shed roof.
A new sand station
A vintage stainless steel tea set, perfect for a toddler who loves pouring.
A rotating tree-swing with a special kit to protect the branches.
A child-sized work bench, complete with real tool bag and a selection of hand tools.

After clearing out so many pots, trays and seeds for the vegetable garden and accepting that I am simply not in a season where we have the time to grow our own vegetables, I found new energy to finally tackle a project I have been wanting to do for years- turn our front garden into a wildlife zone. We worked over a morning to make it far less labour intensive and instead created a welcoming haven for wildlife- creating a new pond made from our old baby bath, wildflower seeds, a water butt and a bug hotel.

After passing on our surplus art supplies to a neighbour’s children, the simplified craft area has inspired a fresh energy to be more creative. Here’s one of our ‘invitations to play’ this week.

The fresh and sunny spring weather have helped enormously, as have regular walks along the shore and in our local park.

Have you made space for anything in your home this week ?

Love Ruth XXX

p.s. For those of you who have asked, I have created a new plant-based page for kids recipes here.

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  1. No Makeup Mama says:

    I love all these creative spaces you’ve created for your kids! You’ve really inspired me – especially with the mud kitchen! My kids would LOVE that. I will have to start gathering supplies. 👍 Thanks!


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