Montessori Homeschool Activities this week.

My planning for this week is available for free here.

During homeschool this week we have been doing lots of mathematics activities and games with the number beads to make sure that each colour string is memorised. We have completed very simple activities for this which I know big A can complete independently since the colours of the beads have to be very familiar if he is to move on to using them for calculation.

I made some scent bottles for a sensory game from some glass jars, white paper and cupcake cases and the boys had a go at identifying and matching the scents in the bottles. ( lemon, lime, basil, lavender, mint and eucalyptus)

For cultural studies we are working on our knowledge of Physical Geography. To provide a complete progression from concrete to abstract we began with making containers labelled water, land and air and then I gave both boys time to play with our model in the garden. Next week we will use the sandpaper globe to look at these terms and try to identify these words using pictures of different landscapes.

I also made some sound cylinders and we played two games with these, ordering the sounds from quietest to loudest and then matching the identical sounds.

We enjoyed making sweet potato and apple muffins together-this is a great recipe to make with small children as you simply place all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix – no tricky folding, creaming etc. Skills included; practising 1:1 correspondence for little A and a mixing, peeling, reading, weighing, setting a digital timer and grating.

Following many requests, as of this week I am going to share my planning for our Montessori homeschool curriculum.

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