Enjoying Learning- A week of Montessori Homeschool Practical Life and Cultural Activities

I believe that it is very important for big A and little A to learn about their Canadian background so this week we began learning about Canada together. I spent 4 years living and working in Canada ,and of course CC is Canadian, so we lucky to have lots of resources in our home. I began by putting together a photograph scrapbook with handwritten information in it relating to the topics of climate, the diverse population, cars and transport, homes and some natural features found in Canada.

We spent time looking at the sandpaper globe and talking about the journey we made in September last year to visit CC’s family. Big A then explored each map puzzle, looking first at the continents puzzle and then the North America puzzle. These beautiful resources really allow the child to explore the physical geography of each continent in detail- they can feel the coastline, see the difference in size between countries and gain a sense of where each capital city is, since this is always located on the peg which moves each piece of the puzzle.

Practical Life Activities

The boys have been experimenting with different drinks this week, beginning with freshly-squeezed orange juice. Little A was in charge of cutting the softer fruits and big A used the stick blender to mix it all together.

During this week we also made thank you cards for big A’s 5th birthday, in the style of the Rainbow Fish using some scraps of ribbon in my ribbon jar.

A also enjoyed putting together a solar windmill from a small kit, although sadly the overcast weather meant that big A had to wait three days before he saw it working ( I just heard a very excited voice yell ‘MUMMY !!’ when it did finally get going on a sunny day.)

This week I ordered more shelves- at the moment we are managing on just one very wonky bookshelf salvaged from the garden shed. It will be nice when I am able to leave out mathematics and language activities on separate shelves. As always we will make the most of what we have and practise an attitude of gratitude !

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