The BBC is supposed to be impartial so why are they denying the Greens a chance to have their say?

BBC action petition


Growing up, the BBC was a wonderful institution providing a wide range of programmes for everyone. Sadly this organisation now seems to be riddled with corrupt practices and deliberate censorship.

The BBC ‘s coverage of environmental issues consists of the odd comment from Chris Packham, the one presenter who seems to voice concern about our nation’s dire environmental record. Countryfile, their rural affairs program, paints an idyllic picture of rural Britain which only exists inside the minds of a brainwashed middle England. Meanwhile environmental issues are simply swept under the carpet, the term Climate Change never enters into airtime vocabulary.

Now it seems that they are deliberately blocking the green vote by refusing to allow the Green Party any air time for party political coverage. Yet UKIP and the Lib Dems have both received three slots each.

In the last election well over a million people voted for The Green Party, whose voice is getting stronger with numbers growing greater every year as people become dissatisfied with a corrupt political system which serves only the very rich.

If you believe, as I do, that we should live in a democracy and the greens should be given the chance to share their ideas with the people of Britain, please sign the petition on the above link and champion democracy for everyone. Thank you !



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