A Very British Coup

The election of Jeremy Corbin as leader of the opposition has raised eyebrows amongst Britain’s political classes and many members of the establishment.


Click here for 24 things Jeremy Corbin stands for

As a rank outsider, party members had seen Mr. Corbin as an additional candidate who would not gain a large share of the vote, but was necessary to ‘represent’ the left wing opinions within the party. Winning 60% of the vote in a landslide victory, Mr. Corbin took the established stalwart members by surprise.

In a move unprecedented in British politics, labour membership applications (for the mere price of £3) were used by many outsiders to have a say in the selection of the new opposition leader, ensuring that the new leader had views which were in line with environmental and social concerns shared by many.

I for one am delighted that we finally have someone in the House of Commons who is a committed environmentalist and anti-austerity campaigner.


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