A Sick Bunny

Poor Gerry has been very ill with GI Stasis, a really nasty condition rabbits can get where basically their digestion stops. The poor little chap has been in pain and we’ve had to feed him by syringe, we noticed that he wasn’t himself on Monday night and made a speedy visit to the vets on Tuesday morning. After a long time spend feeding him, massaging his tummy and giving him Infracol, ( 1ml every hour for 3 hours) I’m pleased to say that he’s looking much better already this morning and was busy chewing the wallpaper in the kitchen when I let him out. (agonised over whether to let him eat the wallpaper ! I was just so pleased that he was eating something…) I’ve now given him some nice clean cardboard to munch at and hopefully save the decorations.

Rupert and Gerry in their indoor hutch

This week I’ve been harvesting my lavender and hanging it on our herb drier. I use the lavender to make ‘bottles’ ready to put in with our winter woolies, it really does help deter the moths.

Lavender, mint and parsley drying

We’ve also harvested some of our garden mint which we dry and place into a Kilner jar ready for mint tea, this is especially nice over the winter when we can’t pick the fresh version.

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