Making Our Own Cleaners and Recycling Polystyrene

Aha moment !

Tried in vain to get my favourite eco- cleaning stuff from
the Co-op yesterday and then had to DRIVE ( grrr) to the nearest Summerfield
and STILL no luck. Seems completely ridiculous to be driving to get greener
products ( unfortunately I can’t use my bike at the moment). In desperation had
a go at making my own using a what I had in the cupboard and inspiration from
‘Greener Cleaning’, can’t believe what I have been missing! I made a surface
spray using 1 cup of vinegar topped up with water and added a few drops of
lavender oil, smells brilliant, cleans REALLY well and cost nothing .

Cleared out our
garage this week and found several boxes for electrical stuff that’s now past
warranty. Our bunnies LOVE cardboard to play in, so I happily built them a mini
cardboard playground. That left me with several large piece of polystyrene,
which I’d normally split into small pieces to make ‘crocs’ for my planters.
However, was struck by a moment’s inspiration and decided to plant them up with
spinach and carrot seeds and just see how they got on. As you can see they are
doing really well, will definitely be trying this again. What a lovely way to
recycle !We have a small, concreted yard so planting in containers is the only way to go
really, apart from having to water more regularly, there’s no downside to using
containers and I find it much easier to distinguish between what I have planted
and weeds that have muscled their way in. Saves me pulling up my new seedlings
while weeding which happens a lot !

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